Bridgepoint Education Inc (BPI) in Strong Position to Focus on Sustainable Growth as a Low-Cost Education Provider

September 5, 2013

Bridgepoint Education Inc (BPI) is now in a solid position to focus on reasonable and sustainable growth, as the company has differentiated itself in the market by being a low-cost, online-focused education provider, says Joseph D. Janssen, a Vice President at Barrington Research Associates, Inc.

“Although they just went through a tough and lengthy accreditation transfer from HLC to WASC, and Bridgepoint has not been focused on growth, but now with that behind the company, management can focus on growth again, but growing at a reasonable and a sustainable rate,” Janssen said.


BPI is one of the lowest-cost education providers with student-friendly credit transfer options, Janssen says, with a traditional campus at its core yet a large focus on online learning. In an arena of increased competition, these types of characteristics are what can make a company like BPI a solid player in the long run, Janssen says.

“The ones that will survive have a differentiated product, competitively priced, with a good brand — these are the ones we think will make it in the long run. Right now, we believe the low-cost, high-quality online-focused providers and the high-quality vocational players make it,” Janssen said.