Industry & Services >> CEO Interviews >> November 17, 1999

William S. Green – Wilmar Industries Inc (wlmr)

WILLIAM S. GREEN founded Wilmar Industries, Inc. with his father, Martin Green, in 1977. Wilmar was first established as a corner hardware store in Camden, New Jersey. In an effort to generate new business, Mr. Green began calling on local apartment complexes. Realizing that a special service offering was required to adequately meet the needs of apartment building maintenance managers, Mr. Green began developing the Wilmar business model. Envisioning a national expansion strategy, Mr. Green established operations in Washington, D.C. in 1982, Houston, TX in 1988, Indianapolis, IN in 1991, Fresno, CA in 1993, and Tampa, FL in 1994. In order to finance Wilmar's expansion, Mr. Green brought in equity investors in 1995, followed by a public offering in 1996. Mr. Green is currently Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Wilmar Industries, Inc. and has been a director of Suburbanostomy Inc., the Cherry Hill Jewish Community Center, and serves on the Advisory Council of Sun National Bank and the National Multi-Housing Council. Profile
TWST: Give us a brief overview of Wilmar Industries, Inc., the company's

history, products, services, customers, those kinds of things please.

Mr. Green: We started our company in 1977, and