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Larsson, Tina
Tina Larsson is the Chief Investment Officer of Pendo LLC, which she cofounded in February of 2007. Ms. Larsson conducts bottom-up fundamental research and heads the research team. Ms. Larsson began in 1996 as a Research Analyst at Horizon Asset Management, Inc., an independent portfolio manager/RIA and provider of proprietary research. She has been published in multiple subscription-based investment research products, including “The Spin-Off Report” and “The Contrarian Research Report.” During her tenure as a Portfolio Manager and growth into the acting COO, 2002-2007, this division grew from approximately $75 million to approximately $12 billion AUM. Ms. Larsson has a BBA and MBA, both from Pace University.  Profile
TWST: Would you begin with a brief overview of Kinetics Asset Management

and your responsibilities there?

Ms. Larsson: I'm a co-Portfolio Manager for the Kinetics family of

funds. We manage