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Timing the Market with a Tactical Asset Allocation ETF

Hull, Blair
Blair Hull is the Founder of Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC, and has served as Managing Partner since its formation in 2013. Prior to launching Hull Tactical Funds, Mr. Hull founded Hull Trading Company and served as the firm’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from 1985 to 1999. A global leader in the application of computer technology to listed derivatives trading, Mr. Hull's company leveraged technological innovations and quantitative models to become one of the world's premier market-making firms, trading on 28 exchanges in nine countries. At its peak, Hull Trading Company moved nearly a quarter of the entire daily market volume on some markets, executed over 7% of the index options traded in the United States, 3% of the equity options and 1% of all shares traded daily on the New York Stock Exchange. Following the sale of Hull Trading Company to Goldman Sachs, Mr. Hull went on to found Ketchum Trading, LLC in 2010, a privately held, proprietary trading firm in Chicago, Illinois. Throughout his career in trading, Mr. Hull’s multidisciplinary approach has been responsible for the design and implementation of a steady stream of systematic innovations that have combined trading expertise with state-of-the-art technology and quantitative modeling. Profile
Bakosova, Petra
Petra Bakosova serves as Chief Operating Officer at Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC and the Portfolio Manager of Hull Tactical US ETF. Ms. Bakosova is a financial engineer with a background in algorithmic trading across multiple asset classes, mathematical modeling and risk management. Ms. Bakosova holds a Master of Science in financial mathematics degree from the University of Chicago. Profile
Anderson, Rick
Rick Anderson is Investment and Product Strategist of Hull Tactical Asset Allocation, LLC. Mr. Anderson joined Hull Investments, LLC in 1999 and serves as the organization’s Chief Investment Officer, advising on strategic asset allocation and the collaborative development of profitable, shorter-term trading models. Mr. Anderson began his career in finance as a securities analyst at The Value Line Investment Survey, one of the first firms to use statistical techniques for stock selection. While there, he became an editor and then Portfolio Manager of the flagship Value Line Fund and Value Line Income Fund. He was instrumental in developing the Strategic Asset Management Trust, Value Line’s first mutual fund to use stock and bond market forecasts to drive the asset allocation process. Mr. Anderson went on to serve as Managing Director of Rothschild Asset Management, the New York affiliate of the French and British Rothschild Group. There, he ran equity, balanced and fixed income portfolios for corporations and high net worth individuals, while also conducting research on computer-driven stock-selection models and forecasting financial markets. Mr. Anderson’s continued interest and research on financial markets with an emphasis on asset allocation eventually led him to author a book about forecasting called Market Timing Models, published in 1996 by Irwin Professional Publishing. Mr. Anderson received his MBA in finance from New York University and his B.A. with honors from the University of California at San Diego. Profile
TWST: Why did you found a company centered on ETFs?

Mr. Hull: As you may or may not know, my background is in proprietary trading. I have traded mainly for my own