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Robert Czajkowski – Meltronix Inc (mtnx)

ROBERT M. CZAJKOWSKI is President and CEO of MeltroniX, Inc. A Chicago native and a product of the University of Illinois School of Electrical Engineering, he earned his MBA from the University of Chicago. Mr. Czajkowski emerged from backgrounds in both R&D and Marketing at Motorola to become a Founder and Developer of three technology companies serving space and military markets worldwide. Those three efforts are now subsidiaries of Loral Corporation, Litton, and Maxwell Technologies. Following the sale of his Space Electronics, Inc., venture to Maxwell in 1999, he proceeded to sit on Boards and provide assistance to several startups, including a new venture capital fund. Bringing U.S.Semiconductor's RHI-NO_ technology to MeltroniX, then, is Mr. Czajkowski fourth entrepeneurial venture. Profile
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