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Providing a Path Forward Through Uncertainty with a Hedged Equity Approach

Swan, Randy
Randy Swan is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Lead Portfolio Manager of Swan Global Investments and the creator of the proprietary Defined Risk Strategy — DRS. Before founding the firm, Mr. Swan was a senior manager for KPMG’s Financial Services Group, primarily working with risk management and insurance providers as a tax consultant. Mr. Swan has been featured in publications such as Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Morningstar, Investor’s Business Daily and more, and has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences, including the Options Industry Council’s Wealth Summit and the Alternative Investment Summit. He serves on the Advisory Leadership Council of the Options Industry Council — OIC. Mr. Swan is a 1990 graduate of the University of Texas with a master’s degree in professional accounting. Profile
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TWST: We spoke about three years ago, and I appreciate you taking time for an update. If you wouldn't mind, refresh our memories with a snapshot of your business in