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Pierre Jungels – Enterprise Oil Plc (etp)

DR. PIERRE JEAN MARIE HENRI JUNGELS, Hon. CBE 1989; Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Oil, since 1997. Born February 18, 1944. Son of Henri and Jeanne Jungels. Married 1988 to Caroline Benc. Two stepchildren; two children from former marriage. Educated at the University of Liege (English degree 1967); California Institute of Technology (Ph.D. 1973). Petroleum Engineer, Shell 1973-1974; District Manger, 1975-1977, General Manager and Chief Executive, 1977-1980, Fina Petroleos (Angola); Managing Director and Chief Executive, Fina plc, 1980-1989; Executive Director, Downstream, Petrofina Group, 1989-1992; Executive Director, Exploration and Production, Petrofina Group, 1992- 1995; Managing Director, Exploration and Production, British Gas, 1996. Chairman of The Centre of Marine and Petroleum Technology, 1997. Past president, Institute of Petroleum. Profile
TWST: Could you start by giving us an overview of Enterprise Oil, just

so everybody understands what the company does?

Mr. Jungels: Enterprise Oil is one of the largest