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Michael J. Schroeder – Wasmer Schroeder & Co Inc

MICHAEL J. SCHROEDER is a Senior Vice President, Principal, and Chief Investment Officer of Wasmer Schroeder & Company, Inc. He is responsible for the implementation of investment strategies, portfolio design and management, research and trading. A Certified Financial Planner, Mr. Schroeder has 20 years of experience in various areas of the investment business, including investment banking and institutional sales and trading with Miller & Schroeder Financial, Inc. from 1979-89. Prior to joining Wasmer Schroeder Company in February, 1991, Mr. Schroeder was Vice President of the Investment Services Division, USF&G Asset Management. Mr. Schroeder is a member of the Naples Chapter of Financial Analysts Society, the Estate Planning Council of Naples, the National Federation of Municipal Analysts and the Institute of Certified Financial Planners. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. Profile
TWST: Wasmer Schroeder specializes in fixed income, but that's not your

exclusive domain. Please tell us about your firm.

Mr. Schroeder: Our clients are primarily high net worth