Healthcare >> CEO Interviews >> November 5, 2002

Kevin Corcoran – Lynx Therapeutics Inc (lynx)

KEVIN P. CORCORAN was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Lynx Therapeutics, Inc., in June 2002. From January 1999 to June 2002 he served as Vice President, Operations with direct responsibility for Process Development, Technology Development, Engineering, Chemistry, Informatics, MIS and Facilities. Mr. Corcoran joined Lynx in September 1995 as Staff Software Engineer and was a founding member of the MPSS development team. He was initially responsible for the design and development of the DNA basecalling system used to produce MPSS expression information. Prior to joining Lynx, Mr. Corcoran held various managerial positions with Applied Biosystems. His most recent role at Applied Biosystems was Group Leader for Genetic Analysis software, with development responsibility for automated DNA. sequencers and related analysis software. Mr. Corcoran was the original author of the GeneScan_ analysis software developed at Applied Biosystems. Mr. Corcoran holds a BS degree in Computer Science from California State University, Hayward. Profile
TWST: May we start with a quick overview of Lynx today?

Mr. Corcoran: We have refocused the company in the last six

months to concentrate on transcript profiling, an area where we

use our