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Kenneth Jackson – Kemgas Ltd (kmgcf)

KENNETH JACKSON is a graduate of Clare College, Cambridge with a Masters of Mechanical Science and a Diploma in Industrial Management. He began his career at the Rolls Royce Aero Division where amongst other areas, he was involved in the RB211 engine Development Programme. In 1970, he joined the U.K. chemical group ICI Ltd. and held a variety of senior management positions over ten years in ICI's Teesside Polyethylene Plant, ICI Spain's plastics plant and methylamines plants, and ICI U.K.'s Olefines 4 naphta cracking plant. In 1981, Mr. Jackson joined British Nuclear Fuels PLC at their Sellafield Reprocessing site and rapidly became Chief Engineer and Deputy General Manager. From 1986 to 1992, he led BNFL's 2 billion pound investment in THORP, the largest on- shore project in Britain and the recycling plant which established BNFL's international reputation. In 1991, Mr. Jackson was appointed Managing Director for the International Group which accounts for 50% of BNFL's revenues and he subsequently became Managing Director of the Engineering Group with over 2,400 employees and an annual turnover of 300 million pounds. He also served as Executive Director and one of the Group Managing Directors of British Nuclear Fuels PLC. Kenneth Jackson was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of KEMGAS Ltd. in September 1996, and subsequently was appointed Chairman in July 1998. Profile
TWST: Give us a background summary sketch on KEMGAS.

Mr. Jackson: KEMGAS was originally formed eight years ago or maybe even

a bit more, but long before my time, for the purpose of