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James P. Holmes – Heartland Advisors

JAMES P. HOLMES, CFA, is currently Vice President and Portfolio Manager of Heartland Advisors. Seasoned in the investment realm, his other experience includes: Managing Director, Dreman Value Advisors, Inc. (1986-1996); Managing Director, Value Quest (1982-1986); Portfolio Strategist, Ford Foundation (1972-1982); Investment Analyst, Dean Witter (1996-1972); and Investment Analyst, CBS (1966-1969). Mr. Holmes received an MBA in Finance from Northwestern University (1963) and a B.S. in Finance from Marquette University (1962). Profile
TWST: How do you define value investing at Heartland?

Mr. Holmes: We're a dedicated value investor. We have what we call a

'10-point grid.' The 10 points are basic Benjamin Graham types