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Investing in U.S. and Asian Small Caps Without Sector Boundaries

William Gregozeski, CFA, Founder, has spent over 10 years working as an industry-agnostic Investment Banker and Equity Analyst covering securities listed around the world prior to founding Greenridge Global LLC in 2012. Mr. Gregozeski currently oversees operations at Greenridge Global LLC, as well as the Research Department. Previous work includes investment banking and conducting buy-side and sellside research at Capstone Investments, Gar Wood Securities and Mont Blanc Capital. Mr. Gregozeski is a CFA charterholder, has obtained a B.S. in finance and an MBA from Marquette University. Profile
TWST: Can you tell us a little bit about your firm and what kind of research coverage you provide?

Mr. Gregozeski: We are generalists who mostly focus on small