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Investing In Large-cap, Dividend-growing Companies – Richard E. Helm – Cohen & Steers, Inc.

Richard E. Helm, CFA, is a Senior Vice President of Cohen & Steers, Inc., and the Senior Portfolio Manager for Cohen & Steers Large Cap Value strategy. He has 25 years of investment experience. Prior to joining the firm in 2005, Mr. Helm was a Senior Portfolio Manager for four years at WM Advisors, Inc., and managed the WM Equity Income fund. Previously he was a Portfolio Manager at Northwestern Trust & Investors Advisory Co., TD Asset Management, Parametric Portfolio Associates and Morgan Stanley Investment Advisors, Inc. Mr. Helm earned a B.S. from the University of Colorado and an MBA from the University of Denver. Profile
TWST: Please start with a brief historical overview of Cohen & Steers.

Mr. Helm: Cohen & Steers is largely known for our very strong REIT research and management. It was founded by Bob Steers