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Investing Globally Across Industries and Market Caps

Horn, Bernard R.
Bernard R. Horn Jr. is President and Portfolio Manager of Polaris Capital Management, LLC, a leading Boston-based global and international value equity firm. Mr. Horn founded Polaris in April 1995 to expand his existing client base dating to the early 1980s. Mr. Horn has been managing Polaris' global and international portfolios since the firm's inception. The Polaris team manages the Polaris Global Value Fund. Mr. Horn's pure global value philosophy combines a quantitative global valuation model and investment technology with traditional fundamental research. His 29-year track record exceeds most current competitors in length, and he has produced admirable risk-adjusted returns since the Fund's inception. Known as a forerunner in global and international investing, Mr. Horn has been profiled inSmartMoney Magazine,BusinessWeek,Financial Times,Forbes,Fortune,Investor's Business Daily,The New York Times,The Wall Street Journal,Washington Postand many other national publications. He has appeared on PBS Nightly Business Report, PBSí Consuelo Mack WealthTrack, CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg TV to discuss global market trends. In addition, Mr. Horn has served as a guest lecturer at various investor events, including the Value Investing Congress, Bloomberg Portfolio Manager Mash-Up and the Morningstar Investment Conference. His recently written works have included "International Diversification: Why it Still Makes Sense," published in theAmerican Association of Individual Investors Journal (2010).  Profile
 TWST: What are some of the advantages of global investing?

Mr. Horn: I started investing globally in the early 1980s, and at the time, it was an unpopular investment strategy