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Interview with the Chairperson and CEO: Lightwave Logic Inc. (NASDAQ:LWLG)

Lebby, Michael S.
Dr. Michael S. Lebby joined Lightwave Logic, Inc. as a member of the board of directors in 2015, and in May 2017, he assumed the role of CEO of the company. Dr. Lebby is an Anglo-American entrepreneur and intrapreneur in the fields of optoelectronics/photonics electronics and semiconductors. His career started with the British Government in 1977 in telecommunications and he did research at their prestigious labs (RSRE Malvern) in the early 1980s and worked at AT&T Bell Labs (1985-1989) in photonics. At Motorola in the 1990s he drove the development, including co-authorship of the first patent, of the oxide VCSEL diode laser which is now used in laser mice, 3D sensing/FaceID in mobile phones, optical interconnects with volumes over 1B units. From 2005-2010 he led the USA trade association in optoelectronics (OIDA) and represented the optoelectronics industry on Capitol Hill. He has run technical start-ups and commercialized optoelectronic and photonics technology into manufacturing. He was voted PIC (Photonic Integrated Circuit) business leader of the year by the PIC International Conference in 2018. He is a technical expert to the European Commission and a Fellow of IEEE and OSA. Profile
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TWST: Let’s start with some background on both the company and you.

Dr. Lebby: The company started about 20 years ago as the founders spun