Technology >> CEO Interviews >> October 17, 2011

Internet Initiative Japan Inc. – Koichi Suzuki

Koichi Suzuki is the President and CEO of Internet Initiative Japan Inc., and he has been taking the initiative to provide the most advanced and reliable Internet environment since IIJ started its business in 1992 as the pioneer of commercial Internet services in Japan. Prior to establishment of IIJ, he had experience in industrial engineering, industrial/economic research and consultation for new business development at Japan Management Association and Applied Research Institute, Inc. In addition to IIJ, Mr. Suzuki is responsible for other group companies, including IIJ Technology Inc., NetCare, Inc. and which enables IIJ group to operate the fastest and largest IP-backbone network and to furnish a full suite of network services starting with provider services and content production and ranging to network system integration. Profile
TWST: Let's begin with a brief overview of Internet Initiative Japan.

Mr. Suzuki: IIJ, established in 1992, is the pioneer of Japanese commercial Internet service providers, or ISPs. We are also one