General Investing >> Money Manager Interviews >> February 12, 2001

Forrest Armstrong – Compass Asset Management Group

FORREST ARMSTRONG is a Senior Vice President of Investment Management with Compass Asset Management Group in Houston, Texas. As manager of Compass Bank's Expedition Equity Fund, he puts his 20 plus years of investment management experience to work every day. Mr. Armstrong joined the firm in 1994 and assumed responsibility for the management of the newly created Expedition Equity Fund in 1997. He began his investment career in 1977 as a Securities Analyst with First Financial Advisors and has held research and investment advisory positions for first City Bancorporation of Texas, The Criterion Group, Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company, and the Bank of Oklahoma Trust Company. Mr. Armstrong earned a BS degree from Stephen F. Austin University and an MBA from the University of Houston. Profile
TWST: The Expedition Equity Fund's investment objective is to provide

growth of capital, with a secondary objective of income. How do you

fulfill those investment objectives?

Mr. Armstrong: