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DONOVAN NEALE-MAY is President, Chief Strategist & Creative Officer of Neale-May. Mr. Neale-May heads one of the largest independent technology marketing and communications firms in the U.S. with offices in Silicon Valley and New York. He is also the founder and managing partner of GlobalFluency, the Independent Network of Influence, which consists of 40 agencies in 27 countries. Collectively, GlobalFluency members have billings of $50 million and employ 250 professionals servicing scores of technology clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. During his 25 years as a marketing and brand strategist, Neale-May has consulted with over 200 leading multi- nationals, new venture starts and emerging growth companies. He has also headed major advocacy communications and government affairs campaigns for leading industry associations, technology coalitions, standards bodies, cable and wireless operators, Internet service providers, and BIOS and operating system vendors. He currently is the executive director of the CMO Council, a global affinity network of senior technology marketing executives from companies with aggregated revenues of more than $300 billion. An expert on integrated multi-level marketing for both consumer and business-to-business markets, Neale-May has designed innovative, award-winning programs for prominent international brands and companies. Some of his most successful engagements include formative brand identity and corporate communications campaigns for companies and organizations like HP, Computer Associates,, Dell Computer, Fujitsu, E*TRADE, Entrust, Ernst & Young, Borland, Hyundai, ComputerLand, General Foods, Nestle, CPC Best Foods, Samsonite, Subaru, Kawasaki, Avis, High Speed Token Ring Alliance, Wireless LAN Alliance, UniForum, American Electronics Association, Pacific Bell Mobile Services, TCI/AT&T Broadband, GTE Entertainment, Cox Cable, Metromedia Fiber Network, Concentric Network, Phoenix Technologies, SCO, Informix, Oki Semiconductor, Siemens Nixdorf, and many more. A native South African and former rugby professional in Italy, Neale-May held senior public relations agency positions in London and New York before moving to Silicon Valley in 1982. He formed Neale-May & Partners in 1987 after running Ogilvy & Mather's West Coast PR operations in San Francisco and Los Angeles for five years. He serves on the board of Travelzoo, Inc., the parent company of and Profile
TWST: Donovan, may we start off with a brief historical overview of


Mr. Neale-May: Neale-May was founded in 1987. I used to run Ogilvy &

Mather's West Coast PR operations in