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Disciplined Investing Strategies – Ed Meihaus – Hanseatic Management Services, Inc.

Meihaus, Ed
Ed Meihaus, Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of Hanseatic Management Services, Inc. Mr. Meihaus joined Hanseatic Management Services, Inc., in 1984 when he sold his own investment company, Gibbons-Meihaus, to Hanseatic Management Services, Inc. As the creator of the firm’s proprietary trading models and its CIO, Mr. Meihaus is responsible for the refinement and implementation of the models and for the management of the firm’s equity portfolios. Mr. Meihaus previously worked as Director of Capital Evaluation for Tosco Corporation and in various corporate finance positions at Unocal and Security Pacific Bank. Mr. Meihaus graduated from the University of Louisville with a B.S. in mechanical engineering and earned an MBA in finance from Memphis State University.  Profile
TWST: Tell us the history of Hanseatic Management Services and the impetus behind starting the company.

Mr. Meihaus: The company was started in 1977 by a California-based businessman returning to New