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David Geller – Geller Capital Management Llc

DAVID A. GELLER, President, Portfolio Manager, and Investment Advisor, brings a wealth of experience to Geller Capital Management LLC with over 23 years of experience on Wall Street. Recognizing that success is measured not in achievement for self, but rather in accomplishment for others, he has spent his entire career generating outstanding results for his clients. At Geller Capital Management, his focus is on the implementation of top-notch investment strategies and their ongoing management for the firm's clients. In March of 2003, Geller Capital began working closely with Lightstone Capital Management LLC, a developer of quantitative investment strategies. Lightstone Capital had developed a fully back-tested long-only strategy ' the Dividend Growth Strategy (DGS). Together, the two firms finalized Lightstone Capital's long-term work on DGS and began investing actual dollars on July 31, 2003. By September 2003, Geller began marketing and implementing the strategy for clients. Since that introduction, Geller has raised over $240 million in new assets for the joint venture's quantitative investment strategy platform of products. More recently, he has developed and directs the joint venture's marketing focus of its suite of long-only and market-neutral investment products to include institutional clients, developing strong ties to the institutional community. Mr. Geller began his investment career in 1982. From 1982 to 1989, he developed his investment skills using the latest technologies to focus on options strategies, technical analysis, and trading at a number of specialty brokerage firms including Oppenheimer and Gruntal. He joined Smith Barney in 1990. In 1993, anticipating changes in the market climate, he transformed his clients' transaction-based brokerage portfolios to a discretionary fee-based approach. In 1996, he joined Smith Barney's Consulting Group's Guided Portfolio Management (GPM) division as a Portfolio Manager. In 1998 and 1999, while ultimately managing portfolios in excess of $90 million, Mr. Geller was ranked number one of the 4,500 managers in the firm in terms of performance. By June 1999, he was also the GPM leader in assets under management, a distinction held through the end of his tenure at Smith Barney. After leaving the firm in March 2000, Mr. Geller founded and has run Geller Capital Management. He is a graduate of New York University's Stern School of Business with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications and Information Systems. Profile
TWST: Could you please begin with a brief overview of Geller Capital


Mr. Geller: Geller Capital Management is a registered investment advisor

located in White Plains, New York. We