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Charles Knudsen Iii – The Ark Funds

CHARLES KNUDSEN, III is Portfolio Manager of the ARK Balanced Portfolio, with almost $400 million total assets under management. He has been with ARK Funds for more than 13 years and is experienced in all facets of investment management. Mr. Knudsen is especially knowledgeable in investing for both capital appreciation and current income. In addition to the portfolio he manages, he is Senior Portfolio Manager for key, tax-free institutional accounts, including pension and profit-sharing plans, foundations and endowments. Mr. Knudsen is also the auto and auto parts, publishing, broadcasting, newspapers, entertainment and leisure, restaurants, home products and personal care Investment Analyst at Allied Investment Advisors. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University and a Master's degree from George Washington University-DC and northern Virginia. Profile
TWST: I was struck by the fund family prospectus, how clear it is in

helping investors select the ARK Fund that's right for them. What are

your goals and objectives for investors in the ARK