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Balancing Portfolios Through Diversified Asset Classes – Leon H. Loewenstine – Riverpoint Capital Management

Leon H. Loewenstine, CPA, is a Managing Director and Chief Investment Strategist at RiverPoint Capital Management, serving as the leader of its investment team. He has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services and investment management industry. Mr. Loewenstine works primarily with institutions, including foundations and endowments. His expertise includes fundamental and quantitative analysis, as well as investment strategy. As Chief Investment Strategist, Mr. Loewenstine is responsible for the development and implementation of investment strategy, including asset allocation, sector weightings and valuation. He also works with high net worth individuals. Before joining RiverPoint in 2002, Mr. Loewenstine was a Principal and Portfolio Manager at Scudder, Stevens & Clark. He spent 17 years at Scudder, where he was a Senior Member of the Scudder institutional group and managed major institutional client portfolios. He was also a Member of Scudder's national investment strategy and stock selection team. Mr. Loewenstine received a B.S. from the University of Cincinnati and has a graduate degree from the University of Denver. He is a Member of the International Association of Financial Planners and the American Institute of CPAs. Profile
TWST: Let's start with an overview of RiverPoint Capital Management.

Mr. Loewenstine: RiverPoint Capital Management is an independent investment adviser registered with the SEC and has just over $1.2