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An Increased Growth Focus In Business Services – Ashwin Shirvaikar – Citi Investment Research & Analysis

Ashwin Shirvaikar, CFA, has been at Citi Investment Research & Analysis since early 2000, and he has worked in or written about the services sector (both computer services and business services) since 1991. Before joining the firm, Mr. Shirvaikar worked at AlliedSignal for three years within its defense/aerospace M&A group and was responsible for the P&L at the New Ventures group. Mr. Shirvaikar also has more than six years of consulting and account management experience working with several blue-chip clients. He earned an MBA from Cornell University in 1997. In addition, he holds a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Profile
TWST: Where do you focus your attention?

Mr. Shirvaikar: My focus is on three different areas. The first area is IT services and BPO. The main driver for these names is IT budgets and IT spending. The