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A Future For Legacy Carriers – Kevin Crissey – Ubs Investment Research

Kevin Crissey is a Director in UBS Investment Research's transportation group, specializing in U.S. airlines. In 2008 Mr. Crissey was named number one stock picker for U.S. airlines in The Wall Street Journal "Best on the Street" report. Mr. Crissey joined UBS as an Associate Analyst in February 2003, following airfreight, railroad, trucking, logistics and shipping stocks. Prior to joining UBS, Mr. Crissey served as a Consultant to UBS and other financial services companies for five years. He also worked in the real estate group for Smith Barney for four years. Mr. Crissey holds an MBA in finance from New York University, and a B.S. in finance and international business from Pennsylvania State University. Profile
TWST: Let's start with the big picture and your outlook for travel-related companies - you cover both airlines and some of the online travel sites. What is your outlook? Is the worst behind us?