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A Fundamentally Focused, Long-Term Investment Philosophy

Sudyka Jr., Thomas J.
Thomas J. Sudyka Jr., CFA, is President and a Portfolio Manager at Lawson Kroeker Investment Management, Inc. He is responsible for ensuring the firm’s adherence to its core investment philosophy, managing portfolios and communicating closely with clients. Mr. Sudyka was a portfolio manager for several global investment management companies prior to joining Lawson Kroeker in 1999. His investment decisions are guided by his 30-plus years of investment experience. Profile
Van, Bruce H.
Bruce H. Van Kooten, CFA, is a Managing Director at Lawson Kroeker Investment Management. Mr. Kooten was a Portfolio Manager and Analyst with several Omaha-based investment management companies before moving to Wells Fargo Private Client Services as Vice President and Senior Investment Manager. He brought his talents to the Lawson Kroeker Investment Management firm in 2006, and his clients have benefitted from his 35-plus years of investment management experience. Profile
TWST: The LK Balanced Fund has repeatedly outperformed its peer group. In your opinion, what has contributed to that?

Mr. Sudyka: I think the number one thing that has helped our