Technology >> CEO Interviews >> April 23, 2018

Interview with the Founder: eXeBlock Technology Corporation (CSE:XBLK)

Baha'i, Jonathan
Jonathan Baha'i is the Founder of eXeBlock Technology Corporation. Mr. Baha'i is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the high-performance server hosting and telecommunications industry, and the founder of several technology companies. In early 2016 he conceived and founded the Peerplays blockchain, taking it public with a $40 million market capitalization. He successfully raised over $10 million in Bitcoin funding for its ongoing development and has become the foremost authority in provably fair blockchain gaming. He is a frequent speaker, radio and television commentator on blockchain, blockchain applications and peer-to-peer networks. Profile
TWST: Could you please identify yourself?

Mr. Baha'i: My name is Jonathan Baha'i.

TWST: Could you tell me your title and company?

Mr. Baha'i: My title in the company is