Walter W. Straub

WALTER W. STRAUB co-founded Rainbow Technologies, Inc. in 1984, and has
worked full time for the company since 1985. He was responsible for the
company’s successful public offerings in September 1987 and September
1991. Mr. Straub is currently Chairman of the Board, President and CEO.
Mr. Straub received a BSEE and MBA from Drexel University, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. Mr. Straub is currently a Director of CAM Data Systems, a
manufacturer of computerized inventory control systems, located in
Fountain Valley, California. He is a member of the Board of Directors of
Drexel University and a member of the CEO Roundtable at University of
California, Irvine. Mr. Straub received the ‘Drexel 100’ Award for
exceptional achievement in business and has been Orange County
Entrepreneur of the Year. His company has been recognized by
publications such as Forbes, Fortune and BusinessWeek magazines, as well
as many local publications.

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