Victor Shvets

VICTOR SHVETS is a Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, where he has been
in charge of US telecommunications research since September 2002. Prior
to his current appointment, Mr. Shvets had 16 years of equity research
experience in Australia, Asia/Pacific and Europe, including 13 years in
the telecommunications and multimedia sectors. His previous position was
Head of Telecommunications Research in Asia/Pacific (including Japan).
Mr. Shvets was rated as Australia’s #1 analyst in 1990-1991, was a
consistent top-3-rated media and telecom analyst there, and was also a
top-3 Institutional Investor-rated telecommunications analyst in
Asia/Pacific in 1997-99 and 2001-02. Mr. Shvets launched coverage of the
US Wireline sector in November 2002 and the US wireless sector in
February 2003. He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics degree from the
University of Sydney, Australia, and holds a Master of Commerce from
University of New South Wales (Australia). He is a Fellow CPA