Steven Check

STEVEN CHECK founded Check Capital Management in 1987 and Blue
Chip Investor Fund in 2002. As Check Capital’s Chief Investment
Officer and the Fund’s Portfolio Manager, he is responsible for
overall investment policy as well as the decisions that implement
that policy. Mr. Check describes his style as ‘growth at an
unreasonably low price’ ‘ an approach that owes much to the
insights of Warren Buffett (whom he regards the dean of American
investment philosophy). Mr. Check also serves as editor of the
nationally respected newsletter, The Blue Chip Investor, which,
like his firm and Fund, focuses on underpriced stocks of blue
chip growth companies. An advocate of applying engineering
principles (such as rational problem-solving and ensuring a
margin of safety) to the field of money management, Mr. Check
holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from Iowa State and a
Master’s in Engineering from the University of California,
Irvine. He lives with his wife, son and daughter in Southern
California, where he is a golfer and dedicated long-distance
runner. Mr. Check frequently competes in marathons and considers
the discipline, individualism, energy and endurance necessary in
running to be equally valuable in the long-term management of
investment portfolios.

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