Sadeg M. Faris

SADEG M. FARIS is the Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer of
Reveo. He is a world-renowned technologist and entrepreneur, well known
for his contributions to the field of superconductivity, electro-optics,
and stereoscopic imaging. He founded Reveo, Inc., in March 1990. The
company has built technology infrastructure and presently employs a team
of talented scientists, engineers and business leaders dedicated to
inventing new technologies and bringing them to market. In April 1983,
he founded HYPRES, Inc., of Elmsford, NY. As President, CEO, and chief
technical leader, Dr. Faris led HYPRES and its development of products
based on its own superconducting integrated-circuit chips. Two HYPRES
measurement oscilloscopes hold records for being the fastest and most
sensitive products of their kind currently on the market. The products
have won several industry awards. While retaining financial interest in
that successful company, Dr. Faris left HYPRES and superconducting
technology to begin implementing his ideas in electro optics. His proven
track record enabled him to attract highly talented scientists and
engineers to Reveo as well as funding from government agencies. His
mission is to develop the company’s technologies and transfer them into
commercial products. Reveo already has a significant patent portfolio.
Prior to founding HYPRES, Dr. Faris worked at the IBM T.J. Watson
Research Center in that company’s effort to develop an ultra-high-
performance computer based on superconducting technology. As a prolific
inventor and problem solver there, Dr. Faris was also involved with
designing, fabricating, and testing ultra-fast devices and integrated
circuits for logic and memory. He received seven Invention Achievement
Awards from IBM, in addition to an Outstanding Innovation Award. Dr.
Faris received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees in 1969, 1971 and 1976,
respectively, all in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, from
the University of California, Berkeley.

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