Robert J. Anslow

ROBERT J. ANSLOW, Chief Investment Officer, is a managing partner and
co-founder of GlobeFlex Capital, LP. Mr. Anslow guides the firm’s
investment management process with 20 years of experience and a
recognized position as one of the first to apply systematic portfolio
management to international investing. In creating GlobeFlex, Mr. Anslow
and Marina Marrelli chose a hand-picked team of investment
professionals, most of whom had worked together for years. The stability
of their shared experience and common goals took GlobeFlex quickly
through the startup phase to reach $1 billion under management within
three years. Prior to founding GlobeFlex, Mr. Anslow built the first
systematic process for international investing at Nicholas-Applegate
Capital Management. As Director of the six-person Systematic and Global
Portfolio Management/Research Group, he was responsible for the
investment of $6 billion in US and international assets for nearly eight
years. Their success brought widespread acceptance of systematic
investing within what was then a traditional management firm; when he
departed to found GlobeFlex, nearly half of Nicholas-Applegate’s assets
were managed systematically. Mr. Anslow was previously responsible for
systematic portfolio management and research processes at two major
investment institutions: the California Public Employee’s Retirement
System (CalPERS) and BayBanks Investment Management of Boston. He is a
former member of the Wharton Fellows’ Advisory Board and the Investment
Management Institute Advisory Board. He received his BS degree in
Economics from the University of the Pacific. Mr. Anslow is married to
GlobeFlex co-creator Marina Marrelli.

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September 13, 2004