Peter Friedman

Peter Friedman founded Talk City, Inc. in April 1996 and serves as CEO
and Chairman of the Board. In these roles, he both sets the vision of
the company and directs its overall operations. Mr. Friedman is one of
the few Internet executives to have launched and managed multiple on-
line services on a global scale. His background is an unusual mix of
creative, business, entrepreneurial and large company, but it has always
focused on bringing people together in collaborative roles. Prior to
founding Talk City, Inc., Mr. Friedman was the Vice President and
General Manager of Apple Computer’s Internet/on-line services business
unit. He oversaw the creation, launch, and growth of Apple’s on-line
services, such as AppleLink, an online based marketing and customer
support services system and eWorld, a consumer service based on AOL
technology and Internet services such as Salon and Youth Central. During
his 12-year tenure at Apple, Mr. Friedman’s responsibilities also
included strategy development for the complex systems market group,
managing Business Systems Marketing, and product line management in
Apple’s Macintosh division. Mr. Friedman holds a Bachelor’s degree in
American History from Brown University, and a Masters in Business
Administration from The Harvard Business School

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