Kent Allen

KENT ALLEN, Research Director of Aberdeen Group, provides
analysis and assessment of B2B and B2C Internet commerce and EDI
solutions that support multichannel catalog, product content, and
order management, as well as other marketing and sales processes.
He also covers Internet advertising, e-marketing, and related
digital direct marketing technologies. He worked previously as a
market strategy consultant for San Francisco Bay area Internet
technology companies. He also spent six years as a Senior
Reporter for McGraw-Hill’s Information Services, where he helped
launch McGraw-Hill’s pre-Internet foray into the electronic
distribution of marketing data and architectural and construction
contract information to a global audience. He has published works
on Internet marketing technologies since 1995. He has an MBA from
the University of Washington, where he was awarded the Frankland
Marketing Scholarship, and he holds a BA in History and English
from the University of Virginia.

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