Joseph Byrne

JOSEPH BYRNE is an Industry Analyst at Gartner Dataquest. His
specialty is the communications semiconductor market. Areas of
emphasis include network processors, security processors,
microprocessors, wireless LAN components, and wired LAN
components. Mr. Byrne is responsible for tracking the size,
technology trends and competitive dynamics of these markets and
for conveying his analyses through written reports and oral
presentations. He has experience developing forecast models and
financial models, evaluating business and strategic plans,
managing market research projects, developing consulting project
proposals and closing consulting project sales, and designing
digital circuits. Before joining Gartner in 1996, Mr. Byrne
worked for Deloitte Consulting and smaller consulting companies.
He was also Principal Engineer for SMOS Systems, specializing in
microprocessor design. Mr. Byrne worked for three months in
Poland and studied German for seven years. Mr. Byrne received his
BS degree in Engineering from Duke University and his MBA from
the University of Michigan.