Jon Gross

JON GROSS is currently an Assistant Vice President and Investment
Officer with Union Bank and Trust Company. In addition to the management
of individual trust and employee benefit accounts, he also serves as a
portfolio manager to the Stratus Capital Appreciation Portfolio, one of
five proprietary mutual funds managed by Union Bank & Trust. The Capital
Appreciation Portfolio, which assets totaling $10.5 million, id an
aggressive growth mutual fund concentrating primarily in smaller to mid
cap size companies. A licensed securities principal, Mr. Gross also
concentrates his efforts in the areas of legal and regulatory compliance
as related to registered investment companies. He attended the
University of Nebraska at Lincoln, majoring in Finance and graduating
with honors in 1991. He became associated with Union Bank & Trust
Company, Lincoln, NE in 1988 and achieved the Chartered Financial
Analyst designation in 1993.

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