Jeff Vilensky

JEFF VILENSKY is the Interactive Entertainment and Digital Media Equity
Research Analyst at Bear, Stearns & Co. He began covering the game
software space in 2001, following his role in the new media sector
focusing on the music industry and digital asset management. Prior to
this, he, along with Ray Katz, had been following large cap
entertainment companies at Bear Stearns for two years. Prior to joining
Bear, Stearns & Co., Mr. Vilensky was at Salomon Brothers as a Junior
Analyst in cable and entertainment equity research, and prior to that a
senior member of the Financial Strategy Group advising corporate clients
on fixed-income issuance and restructuring. Mr. Vilensky has a BS in
Finance and Computer Systems from Drexel University and an MBA in
Finance and International Business from the Stern School at NYU.