David Lifschultz

Lifschultz, David

David Lifschultz is the Chief Executive Officer of Genoil Inc. and a member of the board of directors. He joined Genoil in 2001, bringing more than 30 years of technology industry leadership and executive management experience. Mr. Lifschultz is extremely well-versed on the global macro and geopolitical dynamics affecting the energy sector. Prior to joining Genoil, David Lifschultz served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lifschultz Terminal Leasing Inc., a holding and investment company that allocates capital for alternative energy technologies. Mr. Lifschultz was President and Chief Executive Officer of Lifschultz Industries Inc., which was a high-tech precision metrology company notable for developing heat measuring instruments that could measure heat to the nano degree in partnership with Donald J. Trump. When Mr. Lifschultz took the reins in the early 1990s, Lifschultz Fast Freight — Lifschultz Industries division — was in extreme distress. Mr. Lifschultz saved the company and built it up and sold it eight years later for $22.80 a share to the Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), whereas formerly it was a half a cent before a reverse split of 50 for 1. Lifschultz Fast Freight — founded in 1899 — was a surface transportation company with 20,000 employees and revenues of approximately $500 million per annum in today’s dollars if you include the air freight, ocean and brokerage operations. Prior to that, David Lifschultz also supervised Trans Air Freight Systems, which he sold to Air Express International — AEI. David Lifschultz supervised Ocean Freight Forwarder, Wolf and Gerber and brokerage clearing house, Loretz & Co. Mr. Lifschultz created the first integrated surface air transportation system in a successful effort to improve operational efficiency.