Daniel T. Hendrix

DANIEL T. HENDRIX, President and Chief Executive Officer of
Interface, Inc., joined the company in 1983, shortly after its
initial public offering. He was quickly elevated from Financial
Manager to Treasurer and then to Chief Financial Officer in 1985.
Prior to joining Interface, he was employed by a multinational
public accounting firm as an Audit Manager for six years. Working
for the past 19 years at Ray Anderson’s side, Mr. Hendrix has led
Interface in a series of acquisitions, both domestic and
international, ranging in size from $2 million to $150 million.
Several of these acquisitions nearly doubled the company in size,
including the 1985 acquisition of Guilford of Maine, the leading
manufacturer of fabric for office systems furniture, and the 1988
acquisition of the largest carpet like manufacturer in the world,
Holland-based Heuga, which combined then-number two Interface
with then-number one Heuga and firmly established Interface as
the leader in that market segment. Mr. Hendrix graduated with
honors from Florida State University with a BS in Accounting in

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