Dani P. Bolognesi

DANI P. BOLOGNESI is a Founder of Trimeris, Inc., has been a Director
since its inception and was named Chief Executive Officer and Chief
Scientific Officer in March 1999. Dr. Bolognesi held a number of
positions at Duke University from 1971 to March 1999, and served as
James B. Duke Professor of Surgery, Professor of
Microbiology/Immunology, Vice Chairman of the Department of Surgery for
Research and Development and Director of the Duke University Center for
AIDS Research from 1989 to March 1999. From 1988 to March 1999, Dr.
Bolognesi was the Director of the Central Laboratory Network that
supports all HIV vaccine clinical trials sponsored by the National
Institutes of Health. Dr. Bolognesi received his PhD degree in Virology
from Duke University.

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