Craig A. Pisaris-Henderson

Craig A. Pisaris-Henderson is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and
Chief Executive Officer of, a leading developer and
provider of performance-based marketing and commerce enabling services
for online and offline businesses. He held the positions of President
(from June 1999 to July 2004) and Chief Technology Officer (from June
1999 to March 2001). Mr. Pisaris-Henderson is also co-Founder of the
predecessor to, BeFirst Internet Corp. Prior to BeFirst, he
served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of, an
Internet company focused on business-to-business solutions, including
multimedia Internet content, site architecture and local content
distribution services. Mr. Pisaris-Henderson has lead the
team through several years of rapid growth’just under 16,000% over five
years (1999 ‘ 2003)’despite one of the most volatile economic
environments in recent memory. To date, has seen 19
straight quarters of sequential revenue growth and 13 straight quarters
of sequential EBITDA and pre-tax income growth. All this was done with
relatively little private financing ($34.3 million to date, with $20
million of that raised in July of 2003). And revenues are projected to
grow to $167.5-$179.5 million in 2004. His business experience ranges
from establishing strategic plans and operations for thriving and
successful entrepreneurial ventures both online and offline, to working
on Wall Street and leading various funding processes, to leading a
strong, global public company with multiple divisions across numerous
geographies. Mr. Pisaris-Henderson has also been the recipient of many
accolades including the Ernst and Young Florida Entrepreneur of the Year
2003 award and is a recognized leader among his peers. He is a regular
resource for the Wall Street and Internet/tech community. He currently
serves on the Board of Directors for as it’s Chairman, the
Advisory Board for the College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast
University, and the Board of Directors for the YMCA of Lee County.