Christopher S. Williams

CHRISTOPHER S. WILLIAMS has served as Chief Technical Officer of
Ingenuus since September 2000. He joined Ingenuus in February
2000 as Vice President of Marketing. Prior to joining Ingenuus,
Mr. Williams was Director of Business Development at Aurigin
Systems. After selling his successful consulting company to
Silicon Graphics, he worked in Marketing, developing programs for
partners selling hardware and software bundles. Prior to starting
his own business, Mr. Williams worked as Director of Technical
Customer Services for Sherpa Corporation, one of the premier
product data management companies. He left an eight-year stint in
aerospace as an associate mechanical engineer working on various
defense programs. While in the aerospace industry he was
recognized for his accomplishments on several automation efforts
and presented several papers. Mr. Williams has become a well-
known expert in Knowledge Management circles and is a dynamic
speaker and prolific writer considered to be a futurist,
especially in the workflow arena. Mr. Williams studied Mass
Communications at Utah State University.