Charles A. Gabriel

Charles A. ‘Chuck’ Gabriel, a Senior Vice President and Financial
Analyst at Prudential Securities, is a 20-year veteran of political
forecasting for institutional investors. A former Capitol Hill staffer,
he is an expert on how Washington fiscal and regulatory policy impacts
the banking, financial and defense industries as well as the equity and
fixed income markets in general. As a member of Prudential Securities
Incorporated’s Financial Services Group (PFSG), he has won plaudits most
recently for his commentary on the Bush Administration’s commitment to
disarming Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Republican victories in the mid-term
congressional elections. He has also been cited for his strategic
analysis in the firm’s respected Investor Weekly, relating to overall
political trends, budget and tax matters, asbestos litigation, and
tobacco legislation. He joined PSI in February 1995, 12 years after
entering the field as a partner in The Washington Forum, a division of
the old Drexel Burnham Lambert. He has been cited on the Institutional
Investor All American Team for the category of Washington research every
year since 1994 (most recently winning the First Team award for 2002)
and is a frequent guest on business-related television shows. Before
entering the field, he worked as a legislative assistant to Rep.
Clarence J. Brown of Ohio. Mr. Gabriel is a graduate of The George
Washington University and he and his wife Kelli Lyn have four daughters
(Darcy, Hillary, Courtney, and Charlie) and a son (Matthew). He was
born in Landstuhl, Germany, on March 22, 1955 and is the son of retired
Air Force General Charles A. Gabriel, who was a member of Ronald
Reagan’s Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1982 to 1986.