Bruce Dav

Bruce Davis has served as Digimarc’s President, Chief Executive Officer
and Director since December 1997. Prior to joining Digimarc, Mr. Davis
served as President of Prevue Networks, Inc., a supplier of electronic
program guides and program promotion services for the cable and
satellite television markets, from July 1996 to February 1997. Prior to
that, Mr. Davis founded and served as President of TV Guide On Screen, a
joint venture of News Corporation and TCI which supplied electronic
program guides and navigational software for the cable television
market, from January 1993 to July 1996. Mr. Davis received a BS in
Accounting and Psychology and an MA in Criminal Justice from the State
University of New York at Albany, and a JD from Columbia University.
E. K. Ranjit has served as Digimarc’s Chief Financial Officer since
August 1999. Prior to that, he served as Vice President of Finance and
Treasurer of TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc., a supplier of integrated
circuits for the wireless communications, telecommunications, data
communications and aerospace markets from July 1996 to August 1999, and
as its Corporate Controller from May 1991 to June 1996. Mr. Ranjit
received a BS from the University of Texas at Dallas and an MBA from
Pepperdine University.

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