Steven Abernathy

Abernathy, Steven

Steven Abernathy is the Founder and Chairman of The Abernathy Group II Family Office. Earlier, he was Senior Vice President of Portfolio Management at Shearson American Express, and a Special Limited Partner and Director of its Executive Services Division at Cowen & Co. While at Cowen, Mr. Abernathy developed The Abernathy Group, a group of investment professionals specializing in asset management for experts in health care and technology. This collaboration between investment professional and client-expert was called the Collaborative Investing style of portfolio management. The collaborative effort forged between Mr. Abernathy’s financial knowledge and the technology and health care expertise of his clients has produced top-tier results. In 1996, Mr. Abernathy co-founded The Abernathy Technology Research Institute, formerly known as The Abernathy Leet Institute for Financial Research, a registered broker/dealer. Mr. Abernathy is a member of CFA Institute and the New York Society of Security Analysts. Mr. Abernathy earned a Bachelor of Science degree as a pre-med student from Fordham University. The Abernathy Group II and its predecessors have been ranked number one, 16 times by Nelson’s World’s Best Money Managers since 1991.