TWST: Please start with a brief history and overview of Boyle Capital.

Mr. Boyle: I started Boyle Capital in 2004. We are 100% employee owned, and today we manage around $120 million. People who like to give investment advisers complicated names would call us "concentrated value investors." We essentially manage three different strategies. We have the equity strategy, which is our flagship strategy. The equity strategy generally consists of 10 to 15 companies, regardless of market capitalization. The second strategy is what we call the value strategy. The value strategy is going to be more diversified than the equity strategy and will typically consist of stocks, bonds and cash. Lastly is the dividend strategy, which consists of 10 to 20 high-quality companies with a focus on dividend payers.

TWST: Please tell us a bit more about your investment philosophy and approach to your equity strategy and portfolio.