Technology >> CEO Interviews >> November 8, 1999

Brian Fargo – Interplay Entertainment Corporation (iply)

BRIAN FARGO is Chairman and CEO of Interplay Entertainment Corp., one of the most influential electronic game software companies in this decade's fastest-growing industry. By 1983, at the age of 21, Mr. Fargo already had two software companies behind him when he founded his third and most successful venture, Interplay Productions. He broke ground with Interplay by taking a studio approach to product development, bringing together a mix of creative professionals to produce software programs as a cohesive unit. In a whirl of activity beginning in 1994, Mr. Fargo expanded his company with the acquisition Shiny Entertainment. Interplay Productions transitioned into Interplay Entertainment Corp. in 1998, as Fargo brought his company public trading on NASDAQ under the symbol IPLY. Profile
TWST: Could we start out with a brief overview, and a quick history of

Interplay, just to kind of set the stage for the readers?

Mr. Fargo: Interplay Entertainment was founded in 1983, so