Nielsen Holdings NV: Nielsen Leads the Field in SharpBrains’ Report on Intellectual Property of Pervasive Neurotechnology

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New York - May 15, 2015 - Nielsen has been recognized by SharpBrains as the leader in patents and IP holdings within the pervasive neurotechnology domain. SharpBrains, a leading market research firm tracking health and performance applications of neuroscience, analyzed intellectual property trends including the number of neurotechnology patents and patent quality, reflected in how many other patents reference them, for instance.

SharpBrains analyzed more than 10,000 patent filings from more than 800 organizations to determine global leaders. The pervasive neurotechnology industry is growing at a rapid rate. Today there more than 8,000 active patents and 5,000 pending patents in this area, contributing to a 500% growth in related patent activity in the past decade. Neurotechnology is moving beyond the medical domain and into more industries than ever before.

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"Nielsen has made a substantial investment in neurotechnology over the past several years, which is reflected in the size of our patent portfolio," said Joe Wilke, President, Nielsen Neuro. "It's gratifying to be recognized by the SharpBrains study as the leader in this exciting new area."

Nielsen ground-breaking neuroscience methods measure brainwaves activity in real time, capturing both non-conscious and conscious purchase considerations at the moment they are formed in the brain - earlier than they can even be explicitly expressed. Through these metrics, Nielsen enables marketers and advertisers to better understand the effectiveness of advertising, branding, product development and packaging across consumer packaged goods, retail, media and entertainment. Nielsen employs proven technologies to produce the most effective and reliable measurements for understanding consumers' deep subconscious responses to stimuli.

Pervasive technology is a game-changing industry rooted in neuroscience. The ability to monitor and interface with the brain has wide ranging possibilities. "Once we started the granular analysis of the intellectual property data, we were amazed by the wide variety of applications we found. This clearly demonstrates neurotechnology has gone beyond the medical domain, with non-medical corporations developing neurotechnologiesto enhance work and life," said Alvaro Fernandez, CEO SharpBrains. "We were impressed by the breadth and depth of Nielsen's IP portfolio, showing a transformation underway in how consumer research and marketing are done."


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