Natural Resources >> CEO Interviews >> February 18, 2002

Lorie Waisberg – Co-steel Inc (cei:tse)

LORIE WAISBERG is Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, of Co-Steel, Inc. He joined Co-Steel, Inc., in August 1999 from Goodmans, where he was a Senior Corporate and Securities Lawyer for more than 30 years. Mr. Waisberg is responsible for the development and implementation of Co-Steel's financial strategy, including leveraging relationships with the financial and investment community. Mr. Waisberg also sits on the Board of Directors for Co-Steel, Inc. Profile
TWST: Could we start with a broad introduction to Co-Steel, Inc.?

Mr. Waisberg: The business of Co-Steel is manufacturing steel using

electric arc furnace technology. Typically, companies in

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