Rudy A. Mazzocchi

RUDY A. MAZZOCCHI President and CEO of Image-Guided Neurologics.
Mr.Mazzocchi has twenty years of management experience in the medical
device industry, most recently President/CEO of Image-Guided
NEUROLOGICS, Inc., the development of therapeutic devices for image-
guided, minimally-invasive Neurosurgery. Prior to his joining IGN, Mr.
Mazzocchi was Founder/President/CEO of MICROVENA Corporation, an
interventional medical device company which had an average annual growth
rate in revenues of 49% with Fiscal 1997 revenue growth of 110%. Mr.
Mazzocchi has also been co-founder and director of Vascular Science,
Inc. (acquired by St. Jude Medical in 1999), CytoGenesis, Inc. (acquired
by BresaGen Ltd. in 2000), ReStent Therapeutics, Inc. (Munich, Germany)
and Quasm Corporation (Baltimore, MD). With a graduate degree in
Biophysics from UCLA, and author of several medical publications and
patents, Mr. Mazzocchi was also the 1997 recipient of the Minnesota
Technology Leader Award and Nominee for the Rolex Enterprise Award.

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