Janet Greeson

DR. JANET GREESON is currently the President, Director, and Secretary of
Steroidogenesis Inhibitors International (STGI). She currently holds a
Doctorate in Psychology from Columbia-Pacific University, Mill Valley,
California, MA degree from Rollins College, Orlando, Florida, and a
degree in Motel Hotel Management. She also is an MBA Candidate at the
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California and Jurist
Doctorate Candidate, at Concord University, Los Angeles, California. She
is the best selling author of It’s Not What You’re Eating, It’s What’s
Eating You and an accomplished magazine columnist. As President and CEO
of ‘A Place for Us’ her 14 years of executive leadership and financial
expertise were unprecedented in providing top-notch health care in the
field of addictions and psychiatry. Nine hospitals nationwide
implemented her program, which generated revenues of over $30 million
per year. In 1993, Dr. Greeson’s company was purchased by Columbia-HCA
Healthcare Corporation (NYSE:COL) and was a part of their merger and
thereafter, sought out acquisitions for Columbia-HCA. As President and
CEO of over 10 companies i.e. A Place For Us, Inc., New Life Centers,
Inc, Freedom House, Inc., Personally Yours, Inc., etc. she has
demonstrated her strengths in leadership, team-building and marketing.
She was the Executive Director of an International Organization for over
six years and relies on the belief that ‘people make commitments to
people not institutions’ and therefore maintains that her business
acumen and relationships have driven her projects to successful
completion. Dr. Greeson has established herself as a distinguished
communicator with her tenure as an Associate Professor at the University
of Arizona, University of West Florida. Also, she was the recipient of
the Outstanding Alumni Award in 1987, Rollins College Graduate Program.
Currently, she has founded a non-profit foundation ‘Angels for Children
with AIDS’ which is dedicated to giving treatment to the children of the
world. She is the Community Mayor of Las Vegas, a non-profit that puts
on events for handicapped children. She is the ‘Spokesperson’ for
Positively Me, a Division of New Resolutions Inc. She serves on the
Board of Directors of Maxheal Inc. and Restaurant Connections
International, Inc. (Pizza Hut-Brazil.) She has founded BB Strategists,
Inc., an ‘incubator’ to bring early stage companies public.

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December 18, 2000

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